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For Singapore Company Incorporation

Singapore incorporated companies established themselves as an effective and inexpensive tool for international business.

We have rich experience in registration and maintenance of Singapore companies. Besides, we offer the most competitive prices in the market! Due to this fact many of our customers are professional intermediaries and incorporation agents. And you can verify that very easily and start enjoying working with us!

Can be used as:​

Singapore offshore company

 from 2500 USD

  • Holding company

  • IP holding company

  • Company with bank account in Europe

  • (income will not be taxable in Singapore)

Resident Company

 from 3500 USD

  • Fully operational company + corporate account with Singapore bank

  • Suitable for international trade with any countries (except sanctioned countries)

  • Still enjoys tax exemption on foreignincome and local tax benefits

  • Allows you to enjoy the benefits ofdouble taxation avoidance agreements.

Resident company with Employment Pass

 from  5500 USD

  • Fully operational company + corporate account in Singapore bank

  • Long term (1 or 2 years) work visa(Employment Pass) as a company director Able to bring family members.

  • Full operational control over the company, no need to engage local nominee director,wider choices of banks and easier dealings,

  • You will have an opportunity to bring your family members with you. Singapore is one of the most comfortable and safe countrie in the world, with first-class living standards, education and medicine.

  • Able to move to status of PermanentResident and citizenship in the future

All our prices include a full set of registration and the first year of service! We do not practice

"hidden" components in our prices.

Singapore Company Incorporation Services