Incorporation for locals

Anyone above 18 years old can register a company in Singapore.

The minimum requirement is one shareholder (member) and one director.


Other requirements which you should be aware of:

  • You will need a company secretary. If you have only 1 director, he cannot be a secretary. Also, it is advisable if your company secretary meets minimum professional standards requirements to help you run company matters smoothly and meet necessary deadlines, like holding AGM and submitting Annual returns. As a registered filing agent, we can provide company secretary services for you.

  • You will need to file Annual return for your company. The first one will need to be filed within 18 months from the incorporation date and subsequently every year within 6 months from the end of latest financial year.

  • You will need a registered business address. 

  • You will need to maintain bookkeeping and prepare financial statements after each financial year end.

  • You may need to file your financial statements in xbrl format if your company needs to be audited or if it has corporate shareholders.

For these and other corporate matters you can engage our services for a small fee. We can provide the necessary support for your company including provision of registered business address, corporate secretary, accounting service, statutory filings and general business advise. Contact us now to save time and money!

Basic net prices for local incorporations:

Government fee

$ 315.00

$ 50.00

Incorporation filing fee

Paperwork fees

(preparing your first resolutions)

$ 50.00

Net: $ 415.00


Company secretary for 1 year

$ 300.00

Company registered address for 1 year

$ 90.00

Net:  $ 805.00  $755.00


including incorporation, secretary and address for 1 year

Below are the essential requirements for the incorporation of a private company in Singapore:

  • Company name - must be original and we can check if it is available in advance and for free!

  • Minimum 1 shareholder (member)

  • Local director - ordinary resident in Singapore (Citizen, Permanent Resident or long-term work pass holder). It will be provided as a service to our clients. Other than that, the number of directors and their nationalities are not regulated.

  • Company secretary - a physical person, ordinary resident in Singapore. 

  • Registered address - again, this is a standard service provided by our firm. If you have your own business address, you can use it; or we can find a special address for you, even with the real office space!


We value the time and money of

our customers. Therefore, all

work is performed faster than

competitors and at the lowest possible prices!


Our customers never switch to

other providers of similar

services. But many switch to us,

and never regret it!


We do not have hidden

components in prices. We

always quote the price in

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​When it is decided on the company structure, we will prepare a simple form by which the future members of the company provide their consent for incorporation. They sign it electronically and upload the copy. That's almost all. Other than that, the following documents and information required for each member:

  • Passport copy

  • Document confirming the residential address (usually it is either Utility Bill or Bank Statement copy)

  • Resume of Director or Ultimate Beneficial Owner of the Company

  • Contact details (telephone, email).

That's all! The new Singapore company can be incorporated within one hour!

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