How to register a company

in Singapore for foreigners

Anyone above 18 years old can register a company in Singapore.

The minimum requirement is one shareholder (member) and one director. However, if you are a foreigner, there will be a need to engage one local director, who can act as nominee. It is very common that this service is provided by local incorporation agents, who undertake the process of company registration in Singapore. Foreigners need to engage either a law firm or registered filing agent (the latter is much cheaper) to incorporate a company; they simply can't do it on their own, even though the incorporation process is very simple and executed online via Bizfile portal. Intracorp is a registered filing agent (RFA) based in Singapore and can help you incorporate a company here.

Here are the essential requirements for the incorporation of a private company in Singapore:

  • Company name - must be original and we can check if it is available in advance and for free!

  • Minimum 1 shareholder (member)

  • Local director - ordinary resident in Singapore (Citizen, Permanent Resident or long-term work pass holder). It will be provided as a service to our clients. Other than that, the number of directors and their nationalities are not regulated.

  • Company secretary - a physical person, ordinary resident in Singapore. 

  • Registered address - again, this is a standard service provided by our firm. If you have your own business address, you can use it; or we can find a special address for you, even with the real office space!

​When it is decided on the company structure, we will prepare a simple form by which the future members of the company provide their consent for incorporation. They sign it electronically and upload the copy. That's almost all. Other than that, the following documents and information required for each member:

  • Passport copy

  • Document confirming the residential address (usually it is either Utility Bill or Bank Statement copy)

  • Resume of Director or Ultimate Beneficial Owner of the Company

  • Contact details (telephone, email).

That's all! The new Singapore company can be incorporated within one hour!

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