Company Type

The most common type: Exempt Private Company Limited by shares

Paid up capital

Minimum $1


Company can be incorporated in

1 working day


Minimum 1, any citizenship


Minimum 1, but at least 1 local director required

by law. The most common structure is 2

directors in the company (client and nominee

director, who doesn’t have any power in

company management). Our company provides a nominee director service. If client is holding an Employment Pass, he can be a sole director in the company.


Secretary of the company is a compulsory

requirement. Must be a qualified local individual.

Our secretary service is included in “Company

registration” package.

Registration address

Can be any local address. Our company provides

registration address in a prestigious business

area in the downtown of Singapore.

Tax Exemption

Only net income is taxable in Singapore.

First 100 thousands are exempt from tax.

Next 200 thousands of income are taxable under  8,5% rate.

All of the rest net income taxed under flat rate of 17%.

Besides, there are CIT rebate of 20% as for 2019

Tax exemption of the foreign income

All income, received from activity outside of

Singapore and not transferred in Singapore are

exempt from taxation in Singapore.

Yearly accounting

Required, every company must file Annual

return. Accounting and filing services will be

provided by INTRACORP


Most of the companies are exempt from audit


The company income is taxed on the corporate

level. No additional tax on dividends distributed

among shareholders.

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