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Singapore has long established itself as one of financial capitals of the world with its liberal and advanced banking system.

Its politically stable government always maintains a positive guiding hand in making Singapore a leading destination for international businesses. That’s why Singapore is constantly ranking as No 1 place to do business.

What Makes Singapore So Attractive

Several factors make Singapore a very attractive place for incorporating your new company. Below are some of them:

  1. A robust economy,

  2. Simple tax system with low tax rates,

  3. Easy process for incorporating and running a new company

  4. Strategic geographical location,

  5. Excellent infrastructure,

  6. Well-trained and productive workforce,

  7. Well-developed capital markets and financial system,

  8. No restrictions on repatriation of profits or import of capital,

  9. Strong adherence to the rule of law,

  10. Stable political and economic climate,

  11. Well-functioning government that is free of red-tape or corruption, and

  12. Excellent quality of life.

Practical aspects

  • Optimal choice to register, restructure or optimise your business: from start-up to holding company.

  • Low costs on company formation

  • Low taxes up to full exemption (and no tax on foreign income)

  • Very easy company maintenance and yearly filings

  • Common law, English language

  • Good opportunity to move to Singapore by receiving an Employment Pass as director of your company!

The simplest place to do business is Singapore!